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The Ageno Foundation has five primary support services: Community development, education, food & nutrition, medical missions and public health. 

Practical Expressions of the Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Hunger and malnutrition were identified as critical needs in Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, and Uganda
Ageno Foundation continues to supply mosquito nets which has aided in the decrease of malaria
Whether in  Africa, the Caribbean, young people find it extremely difficult and rare to attend a university and receive a first rate education, no matter what their potential.
Clean Water for Uganda and Kenya
Eduction Is The Path Out of Poverty
Around the world, young people are faced with financial challenges which prevent them from having the opportunity to attain higher education from an accredited university.
The Education Fund not only seeks to help with tuition and books but also pays for living expenses such as housing, food and transportation so students can focus on their academic performance. 
Ageno has since grown and expanded the feeding program and now donates  monthly  for a nurse to instruct the people in nutrition. We distribute millet, soy milk and sugar to the community.  
Millet is a complex carbohydrate, rich in fiber and is a remarkable source of protein. It is also a good source of niacin, copper, and manganese and is used to make porridge in African countries.
Ageno initially started by providing nutrition to a limited number of pregnant women and children on a monthly basis. We have since grown the program and continue to support at risk families.

Public Health
Community Development
Future development and production of clean water sources.
The Farmer Program model provides individuals with seeds which they will plant and harvest, thereby helping them to become self sufficient.

The building of a safe and vibrant children’s playground
Ageno Foundation continued in our efforts to decrease the incidences of malaria by purchasing and distributing mosquito nets in Kenya and Uganda.
The founders of the organization are committed to medical missions and have been providing medical services in various countries like Burundi, Uganda, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.
The Ageno Foundation International Inc. ®  P.O. Box 370 New City, NY  10956
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Medical Missions
Mosquito Nets
Claude Baraberewe.
Dr. Dale Reiger-Butler & Dr. Jamel
Patterson in Uganda, Africa
Ageno is sponsoring a Solar Energy drive in Kenya and Uganda
All donations of any amount will help our cause
We are targeting Solar lights for individuals and households and solar panels for schools.​
We all know that clean water is essential to life and good health.
Yet so many of our brothers and sisters lack this basic resource.  Ageno is partnering with Kings Ransom to provide clean water in Kenya and Uganda. Your donation to this effort is critically needed.

Ageno & Kings Ransom Partnering for Clean Water in Kenya and Uganda
Building Schools on Masai Land in Kenya
Ageno Foundation's goal is to dig bore holes for many locations in Uganda and Kenya.

Ageno Foundation is digging wells and bore holes, for many locations in Uganda and Kenya that have no water at all.